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What Do You Need For An Outdoor Classroom?

An outdoor classroom Is excellent way to add variety to a child’s day. Everyone benefits from learning outdoors, especially children. In addition to the educational value of nature-based programming are the health benefits of getting outdoors. Some of the other benefits include:
  • Improved mood and happier pupils
  • Enhanced appreciation for the outdoors through interaction
  • Improved learning experience for tactile and experiential learners
  • Improved social skills
  • Incorporation of physical activity across various subject areas
  • Opportunity to get out the classroom if the school does not have the budget to go on field trips

We have compiled a list of things needed for the perfect outdoor classroom.

1.       Location

As some school areas may be pushed for space, picking the best location for your outdoor classroom is crucial. Most learning institutions aim for an area that has natural shade, space for a collective seating area and somewhere that is close to school doors to make it easy for teachers and pupils to get in and out quickly, with as little disruption as possible.

2.       Outdoor Learning Tools

There are many outdoor learning tools available for outdoor classrooms, such as; Outdoor Whiteboards, Amphitheatres and Stages, Story Telling Areas, Natural Playground Equipment & Inclusive Play games to name a few! See our product catalogue for more.

3.       Plants/Habitats

Research shows that children who learn about plants and animal habitats at school/nursery benefit from less stress and improved concentration and memory skills. Allowing our children to connect regularly with nature in a learning environment is invaluable, and we believe that nurturing plants offers many benefits to learning and understanding of nature.

4.       Storage

Storage is key to an outdoor playground so that teachers and staff have all the equipment and tools ready, at their disposal for their outdoor lesson. Some of the storage options we would recommend are sheds lockers & waterproof boxes!

To Summarise, Out door Classrooms are great, they increase moods, attention and the fresh air is great for health. If you are interested in an outdoor Classroom for your primary school Poppy playgrounds are on hand to provide a free no obligation Quote and design.

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