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Poplars Blossoms Nursery

Poplar Blossoms Nursery contacted us with the idea that they wanted to rejuvenate their existing playground.

Matthew Garnett
Our managing director worked closely with them to get the outcome they wanted.
With the Nursery being split into two locations, One Poplars and One blossom we agreed that the first step would be to replace the wet pour safety surfacing. The existing wet pour was different across both nurseries, so we decided to unify the two nurseries by choosing the same combinations of colors.
One site was especially challenging as the ground had dipped over a period of 15 years which meant we had to get it level again ready for a new safety surface to be laid.
On the other site, we installed a bespoke wet pour cover for a drainage grid. It’s incredible how something so small has completely transformed the space giving it a clean, safe, and professional appearance for years to come.
If you are looking for a new safety surface then get in touch today!

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