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One of the most innovative designs of playground equipment for Wigan was the primary school canopies which were built in a large triangular shape which gave the children playing area in a safe and controlled environment. Canopies nowadays are usually made out of durable nylon and they can be erected over the top of the ground in a very short space of time. The canopy design proved very successful and the triangular design became the blueprint for many other similar canopies which can be found around the world today. In fact, Canopy Park proved to be so popular that it was incorporated into other famous playgrounds in the UK. Some of the other options included installing swings and see saws which proved to be far too dangerous for children to use safely. Fortunately, there were some innovative individuals who decided to look for alternative solutions to provide children with a safe and fun environment to play in. They came up with the idea of using canopies which could be erected above to provide children with a sheltered play area. Poppy Playgrounds also provide safety surfacing...

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