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When parents, teachers and the community are discussing new ideas for school playground markings, they often think about the most durable materials possible and that means playground equipment in Greenwich which includes playground flooring. Curved lines and safety would seem to be a necessity with playgrounds and in many cases, teachers and parents are quite concerned about safety. In the past, children would run and play through an open field without any sign or warning at all. Times have changed and now children know exactly where they are going, when they are going there and what is ahead of them. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to get into trouble or to find themselves unsafe because they were not paying attention. The last thing parents want to do is make an unsafe environment for their kids, but this is exactly what happens when playground equipment is laid underground. If the playground is laid below ground level, grass and dirt are a hazard for children climbing up the equipment and walking off the sides. Signs and fencing must accompany playground flooring in...
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