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Playground equipment can be a variety of items used on a playground. Among the items used are climbing structures, slides, sandboxes, arches, swings, balance beams, monkey bars, slides, and play towers. A playground structure can be a large playhouse or a series of smaller ones placed side-by-side. They can be made from different materials, such as wood, steel, or concrete. All these materials have different strengths and weaknesses. Nursery playground equipment is very similar to other types of playground equipment. Nursery playground equipment can be used to help children with various skills to learn how to utilize their hands and learn balance, coordination, and movement. In a playhouse, children can learn spatial skills by placing the various pieces together in various configurations. By using a playhouse, children can pretend they are using a real house, like one that is being sold by a real estate agent to their friends, or they can create their own, which can be very entertaining for the children. Climbing structures, swings, monkey bars, and balance beams also make great nursery playground equipment. Playground equipment in Carlisle is available in many...
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