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Local Children’s Home

A local children’s home with 4 homes contacted us with the vision of creating an outdoor area for their children at each one of their sites.

Matthew Garnett worked closely with a group of local children’s homes to create an outdoor space that encompasses creative play, Imaginative Playand sports and fitness.

After meeting with the group and working closely with the directors and teachers we decided two things:

  1. These children deserved to have a playground they could use to take them to a place where they could lose themselves in immersive play.
  2. We needed a place for the children to sit and wind down whilst encouraging social and team-building skills.

So, with great thought and a vigorous 3d playground design process that we would unify the 4 sites and install identical playgrounds at each one. We started with thorough groundworks to prevent any future drainage problems and to create a base for our rubber Mulch to be laid on top of.

Once the groundwork was done, we installed an extensive trim trail to give the children a newfound sense of adventure. A trim trail is an incredible way to further develop the cognitive and behavioral skills of children.

Once the trim Trail was completed, we installed an outdoor story area with a magnificent story telling chair. This was a place where the children could lose themselves in imaginative play and somewhere, they could relax together outside of the busy homes they lived in.

To finish the areas we installed a bonded rubber mulch which acted as an all-weather safety surface meaning the children could have fun all year round in a safe and pleasant environment.

All in it took is 6 weeks to complete all 4 Homes and the feedback from the children was outstanding. If you are interested in having a bespoke playground where the children are put first in the design process, Please Get In Touch today!

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