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How To Build A Mud Kitchen

Firstly, what is a mud kitchen?

A mud kitchen is an outdoor play kitchen for children, encouraging them to explore nature, be creative and take part in messy play!

Mud kitchens can come in all shapes and sizes, just let your imagination run wild and create something truly unique. Why not see what’s already lying around the garden? You could use old pallets, wooden benches, bricks or even upcycle old furniture. Consider different areas/levels for mud, water and gravel and make sure to leave a space for a sink which could be made from a plastic washing up bowl.

Using pallets to build you mud kitchen!

First start by designing your kitchen, how big do you want it be and how do you want it to look? We suggest creating a table style kitchen with two wooden pallets on their sides as the legs while wooden boards lay across to make a kitchen table top. You could even create a seating/table area using some sanded down off-cuts of wood – perfect for little outdoor picnics in the summer. Why not get the kids to help you design it? Once you have a plan you can start building. Start by measuring out any pieces of wood you need and cutting them to size using a saw.

Once you are happy with the shape, sand any rough areas for a smooth finish. Then add some hooks or shelves to store pots and pans. You could use old pots and kitchen utensils from your home or buy new ones, just make sure they are safe for kids to use. For ingredients add containers of pine cones, wood off-cuts and twigs collected from nature, great to get the kids using their imagination. Then finish with a lick of paint to bring the whole kitchen to life. For a fun addition, create chalkboards from wooden boards and chalk paint, brilliant to use as signs or menus.

Here are some of our favourite mud kitchen activities!

Pebble painting

Let their imaginations run wild while painting pebbles! There’s an infinite number of possibilities. Here is a painted pebble trial, close to our offices that got the whole community involved and even broke a world record!

Outdoor Café

Kids love to role play with each other and an outdoor mud café will have them learning, playing and most of all having fun in the mud!

Junior Mudsterchef

Why not get all the kids involved in an outdoor cooking competition to see who can make the most creative mud pies. There’s so much they can find in the garden to decorate them with!

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