Local Children’s Home

A local children’s home with 4 homes contacted us with the vision of creating an outdoor area for their children at each one of their sites. Matthew Garnett worked closely with a group of local children’s homes to create an outdoor space that encompasses creative play, Imaginative Play, and sports and fitness. After meeting with the group and working closely […]

Poplars Blossoms Nursery

Poplar Blossoms Nursery contacted us with the idea that they wanted to rejuvenate their existing playground. Matthew GarnettOur managing director worked closely with them to get the outcome they wanted.With the Nursery being split into two locations, One Poplars and One blossom we agreed that the first step would be to replace the wet pour safety […]

5 benefits of using rubber wet pour on your school playground

What is rubber Wetpour? “Wet pour Rubber is a Resin bound rubber crumb usually laid as a safety surface on playgrounds, schools, or nurseries to absorb any shock from a child falling”. The depth of the rubber varies depending on what equipment is on the playground. The greater the height of the playground equipment, the […]

The Daily Mile Track Guide

The Daily Mile and Daily Mile tracks are becoming increasingly popular within Primary schools across the UK. A mile a day track is an excellent all-weather solution to ensure pupils can participate in the daily mile all year round. Within this article I am going to cover: Daily Mile track cost, Daily mile track funding sources, Daily mile track […]

What Do You Need For An Outdoor Classroom?

An outdoor classroom Is excellent way to add variety to a child’s day. Everyone benefits from learning outdoors, especially children. In addition to the educational value of nature-based programming are the health benefits of getting outdoors. Some of the other benefits include: Improved mood and happier pupils Enhanced appreciation for the outdoors through interaction Improved learning experience […]

How To Build A Mud Kitchen

Firstly, what is a mud kitchen? A mud kitchen is an outdoor play kitchen for children, encouraging them to explore nature, be creative and take part in messy play! Mud kitchens can come in all shapes and sizes, just let your imagination run wild and create something truly unique. Why not see what’s already lying around […]