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Poppy playgrounds is a playground design and installation company based In Ramsbottom, Bury. We have a team of experts for any kind of playground design and installation. Your play equipment will be installed professionally and efficiently by one of our highly skilled installation Teams. We ensure that all our equipment complies with all Health and Safety Regulations, meaning you can trust that you will have a truly innovative, secure, and safe play area for years to come.

Every single project we take on we give serious thought to constructing the absolute best. What we create is a reflection of our passion for what we do
– create amazing play experiences! Whatever your budget, we push to beat any like for like a quote as well as deliver the highest quality. That puts us ahead of all the competition.

Our Story

Our Journey starts with our Managing Director, a young boy who decided to join the British Army at the age of 16. Whilst in the army he loved fitness, sports, and assault courses so naturally, when Matthew came out that’s what he wanted to focus on. “What’s the equivalent of assault courses for kids?” –Playgrounds, After spending years installing playgrounds, artificial grass, and more. He wanted to add his own touch to these playgrounds by designing them in such a way that children could benefit from them for years to come. Matthew also wanted a viable way to help other veterans along the way. So he founded poppy playgrounds, a playground design, and installation company based In Ramsbottom Bury. Poppy Playgrounds isn’t your standard playground design and installation company, we put children’s health and happiness at the heart of everything we do, not only that but we support various veterans charities with the work that we do each and every day.

our team


Founder & Managing Director

Matthew grew up in bury attending St Gabriel’s High School. And he went on to join the army in January 2010, serving in the royal artillery, doing a tour in Afghanistan as well as traveling the world serving his country. After leaving the military Matthew began his career in sales and marketing paving the way for poppy playgrounds creation. When not ensuring active, fun, and informative play for children here at Poppy. You can find matt in the sky due to his love for sky diving or adventuring across the peak district hiking, soaking in the fresh air and sights of the British countryside. Or spending some quality time with his family and little girl instilling in her the imagination, creativity, and passion for learning and excellence, he hopes to give to every child through Poppy playgrounds. Matt founded Poppy playgrounds with one vision in mind. To give back, through both poppy playgrounds passion for active play and learning to help our children mental and physical health. With studies showing a 50% reduction in mental health difficulties in age 5-16 through the use of active play. As well as supporting our ex-forces through career opportunities, Poppy gives 10% of our profits to charities that re-home and support ex-soldiers in times of struggle. The Primary ethos of Poppy is to give back to you the community.


Office Manager

Matt is our Office Manager and long time friend of Matthew, Matt has worked in senior management positions for companies across a large range of sectors throughout his career. With over 10 years’ experience of managing over 30 workers in an office setting, Matt is a seasoned office manager that has brought positive change to each company he has been a part of.  

Matt grew up in Ramsbottom, Bury where he attended Bury Grammar School. After school, he joined a large company in Manchester where he honed his skills as a Senior Manager. Matt Joined us in 2019 as he seemed the perfect fit for our business.  Away from the office, Matt is an avid sports fan who follows mainly football & boxing.

He has two young daughters who take up the majority of his free time. He loves nothing more than taking them out to parks, play areas and animal activities. This is where Matts love for all things play was born!


Head of Design

Newly appointed our Head of design, he’s been working within the Education sector for the last 6 years driving inspiration, creation, and imagination through the eyes of children.

Alex started his early years studying Interior Architecture at University with the inspiration of structural buildings new and old catching his eye for the importance of detail.

When he’s not busy in the office bringing your creative ideas to life, you will either catch him on the football field, on the snowy slopes, or keeping on his toes chasing after his 2 young boys.

He came to poppy with one goal in mind; to strive and exceed in making every child’s imagination within school playtime come true, so every child can look forward to waking up and coming to school.

Our core values


Not just a playground Company

A Cause A Mission

“We give back”

Here at Poppy, we have a big heart and what gives us satisfaction in life is helping other people. That’s why 10% of our profits go to Veterans Charities. We are proud to help and make a difference!


Creating Imagination through Design!

Imagination is where the children are the most Happiest!

By mixing play with learning and bridging the gap between imagination and realism, we make the unrealistic – real. We bring to life the beauty of a child’s imagination. Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children – play is serious learning. This is what all our playgrounds offer.



Our purpose is to help customers create healthier and happier communities. We strive to deliver the best playground solutions there is! We promise to create:

1. The most beautiful and timeless playground designs.
2. A WOW reaction that stimulates a desire to stay and through play develop physically and mentally.
3. Outdoor equipment that actually makes a real impact!
4. The most universal designs to include everyone involved.


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