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5 benefits of using rubber wet pour on your school playground

What is rubber Wetpour?

“Wet pour Rubber is a Resin bound rubber crumb usually laid as a safety surface on playgrounds, schools, or nurseries to absorb any shock from a child falling”. The depth of the rubber varies depending on what equipment is on the playground. The greater the height of the playground equipment, the greater the depth of the Rubber surfacing would need to be. This is something refereed to as critical fall height. Its important to consider critical fall height when choosing the right playground equipment for your primary school or nursery as it has a direct link to the cost, duration of install and safety.

With any safety surface there are pro’s and cons of using it for your playground project, below I am going to highlight some of the benefits of using rubber wet pour on your school playground. From aesthetics to the all-important safety in your playground.

1.The wow factor for your school playground

Whether you are a nursery owner or school business manager you want your play garden or playground to look good. After all, it is the first thing potential clients or school parents see when they first visit your school. Rubber surfacing comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes to give that Wow factor when you have visitors. Not only that but the colors and shapes and incredible for getting the child’s imaginations sparking.

  1. Playground Safety

It is called safety surfacing for a reason, right? Resin bound rubber surfacing is the top of its class when it comes to a safety element, its easily adaptable to different equipment heights and can be wrapped around any equipment. The edge profile can be easily adjusted during install to prevent any trip hazards and it looks amazing when installed.

  1. Durability

As a playground design and installation company that offers an extensive range of surfacing options, we regularly get asked to rip out existing wet pour and replace it with new, either because of the color or design but rarely because the surface has failed. We recently installed a project in Nottingham which involved removing old wetpour and replacing it with a different color. On the site survey we were astonished to see that the wetpour had been there for over 12 years and it was in impeccable condition. If it had not been for the color change the client would not have needed to change it. This is a great example of surfacing in a nursery that is robust enough to last for decades.

  1. All weather surface

Finally, a surface that you can use all year round. Wet pour is permeable meaning that water will soak through it. So with the right sub base (beneath the rubber) you don’t have to ever have to worry about drainage problem and you can use your surface all year round. This is why a lot of Nurserys have their entire nursery gardens designed with rubber.

  1. Education

At poppy playgrounds we have an extensive range of wetpour graphics available, there is everything from hopscotches and numbers to 3D sharks and crabs. All of which have an incredible benefit on our childrens education. The best place for children to learn is in the playground, with our wet pour graphics now they can.

In summary, wetpour is an awesome surface as far as surfaces go. It looks amazing, can fit into pretty much any setting and has unbelievable credentials in the safety department. If your interested in getting a no obligation quote feel free to get in touch with us today.

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